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The world's best user experience for extracting insights from written information.

Turn Knowledge into Advantage

KiteEdge helps large, multi-siloed organisations understand and better leverage their written information. We improve productivity and decision making by surfacing the insight and unique IP that is often hidden or inaccessible.


Our technology centralises access to the written information that is spread across many external platforms and internal document stores. Our human-centred search-interfaces then empower employees to disrupt habitual patterns, answer questions and test hypotheses without the need to master complex query languages or browse through volumes of content.

Unify your data

Our infrastructure unifies your enterprises written information (emails, news, investment research etc.) making everything accessible through a single access point.

Empower your teams

Our human-centred-interfaces encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration between group silos, improving decision making and helping create alpha.

Leverage your IP

Our approach ensures that IP is retained within your organisation. Enabling individuals and teams to better understand and extract value from the people, research, and vendors they have access to.

Introducing Cognitive Ontology

Cognitive Ontology is a human-centred technology that interacts with each user to understand and capture their intent. By engaging individuals in an additive dialogue, we can surface hidden insights that would otherwise have been missed.

Find out how our technology can help your organisation unlock insights, leverage IP and create alpha.

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