Knowledge - NFTs


KiteEdge was founded in 2017, setup to solve inefficiencies within the institutional research market. Whilst we remain focussed on meeting the needs of capital markets participants, it has become clear - with the rise of ‘emerging digital assets’ - that there are also significant opportunities for our technology beyond finance. We have decided, therefore, to launch an Access non-fungible token (“NFT”) (called the ‘KiteEdge Knowledge NFT’), which will fund quicker growth for us across other sectors. It will also allow us to take advantage of the Web 3 and broader decentralisation theme.

What is a Platform Access NFT?

Platform Access NFTs are a form of token permitting the owner access to communities, experiences, or goods in both the digital and physical world. In other words, these types of NFT can be used as entry credentials and their applications are endless across digital and physical spheres. A Platform Access NFT, therefore, entitles the holder to access a particular platform; in this case, the Apex Knowledge Management Platform (“Apex”).

Apex provides users with the ability to centrally access insight from within ALL types of digital content. By using graph technology, Apex avoids relying on static (often many) schema files (e.g., we avoid the perceived necessity of pre-modelling content with meta-data, a process which is hard to keep up-to-date and almost all organisations fail at). Instead, ontologies are combined with clustering and other artificial intelligence (“AI”) techniques, enabling each user to receive a personalised experience.

In other words, instead of users having to look at content through another person's lens (world view/mental model), they access insight that is relevant to their needs, whether those needs have been thought of before, by others, or not. This type of search has application across many professional sectors and is of particular use within capital markets, where unique insight identification is of fundamental importance.

NEW WHITE PAPER If you are interested in the ‘KiteEdge Knowledge NFT’ then please read our whitepaper on the following link: Download Now