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Industry Leaders from Bloomberg, HSBC and Morgan Stanley, join the board of growing MiFID II knowledge solution, KiteEdge

London startup is building a solution aimed at helping asset managers to be more efficient and to unlock their teams’ full potential

Board is composed of key industry leaders that will advise the company on completing the product ahead of launch later this year; Amar Rajani, ex-Product Head at Bloomberg; Stephen Scruton, ex-Head of Research at HSBC; among others are part of the board.

London, UK: KiteEdge, a company providing asset managers with the tools to find, collaborate, and leverage content across complex and often siloed organizations, today announced their advisory board, which includes key industry figures such as Amar Rajani, ex-Product Head at Bloomberg; Stephen Scruton, ex-Head of Research at HSBC; and Yoann Turpin, Quant Trader and Business Angel, among others.

The new advisors will help KiteEdge scale its MiFID II and research management solution, Apex, scheduled to launch later this year. Apex uniquely combines artificial intelligence with an asset management ontology (categories/concepts that show their properties and relationships) that has been built by working directly with many industry specialists.

Apex will enable asset managers to unlock the information already held within the organisation, allowing them to quickly find the resources needed to make informed decisions. Not only does this enable them to be more effective, but they can open up the internal knowledge held by other members of their teams and across the organisation.

The advisory board is composed by key industry leaders, including former heads of research and directors at respected institutions throughout the UK. The board will be crucial in defining the growth strategy for KiteEdge as well as playing a key part in the creation of its anticipated Asset Management Community.

KiteEdge is pleased to announce its Advisory Board members as listed below:

  • Amar Rajani, ex-Product Head at Bloomberg
  • Bill Templer, Co-Founder of Seismic Foundry and ex-Global Head at Morgan Stanley
  • Charles Scott, Director at Polar Capital and ex-M.D. at Morgan Stanley
  • Peter Holmes, ex-COO Research at HSBC
  • Stephen Scruton, ex-Head of Research at HSBC
  • Yoann Turpin, Quant Trader and Business Angel

James Flavin, KiteEdge’s CEO, commented: “‘I am thrilled to formally announce our advisory board for the coming year. Each of the members has been a huge help over the preceding months and KiteEdge will benefit hugely from such a spread of talent and experience as we move towards the launch of our completed offering. I am pleased that such a senior group with profound understanding of the institutional research business recognise the existing issues and share in KiteEdge’s vision of the solution, as demonstrated by their investments in the company.” For more information on Kite Edge, go to

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